Quarantine Art Slide

QUARANTINE ART public art exhibition

“Art must be life – it must belong to everybody.”

Marina Abramović

QUARANTINE ART is a public exhibition of artwork created during the 2020 quarantine by local artists. Anyone can participate.

Spotlight is excited to give artists a platform to showcase and sell their work in a live setting that may not have otherwise been seen due to the coronavirus, in the hopes to encourage creation during a tough time in our history.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Huntington Hospital in support of their outstanding response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Instructions to display work:

  • All work must be completed during the coronavirus 2020 quarantine
  • All work must be wall-hung
  • No limitations on subject matter
  • We are still accepting work! Drop off at Spotlight during open hours
  • We ask that you keep your work on display throughout the entirety of the exhibit
  • An end date to the exhibit is TBD. Please follow our social media for pick up instructions
  • Work must be pre-wired, with your name and phone number written on the back
Please include the following label with your work to be put on display:
  • Artist Name
  • Title
  • Year (2020)
  • Media
  • Size
  • Blurb / Explanation of work (if necessary)
  • Price (if applicable)
  • Phone Number (to sell directly)
  • All artwork is to be sold directly between buyer and artist (Spotlight will not be selling the work, nor will we be taking any commissions).
  • We ask that a portion of the proceeds of the sale be donated to Huntington Hospital (suggested minimum 20%). Donate here.