Dots & Grids

By Stephen Bezas
2.27.20 – 3.22.20

This exhibition is a celebration of dots by pointillist Stephen Bezas.  It showcases Bezas’ Americana and figurative works, which include 4 bold, vibrant and imposing large scale portraits of iconic figures that don’t disappoint.  Bezas’ contemporary pointillism is a rich culmination of his artistic, photographic, and design talents.

This exhibit also recognizes Pink Aid and their work.  Raffles will be sold on site.  A winner will be chosen for every 100 raffles sold, and the prize will be one of the art prints on exhibit.  A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to Pink Aid Long Island.  Pink Aid helps underserved women here on Long Island to survive breast cancer diagnosis with support and dignity.  To learn more at pinkaid.org.

Exhibition Preview


Exhibition Preview


Opening Reception

2.29.20 @ 7:30PM

Exhibition End