Stage Fright: An Immersive Haunted Experience

10/10/19 – 11/3/19

Stage Fright is an immersive haunted experience where actors haunt, horror excites, drinks flow, and terrifying music transforms all those who enter Spotlight at The Paramount, to a disturbing movie set, controlled the famous film director Crow Valentine. He is infamous for his crude and real methods of extracting intense fear and horror from mere mortals just like you.

In 2019, while researching for the next terror movie, he discovered the book of the dead, The Necronomicon! He brought it to a local bar known as Spotlight in Huntington, New York. In the reading of its passages he became insane and talked of demonic spirits and monsters that now haunt the Bar. Can you handle a night of terror and debauchery?! Horror! Drinks! Murder! Music & More!

Exhibition Opening

10.10.19 starting at 630pm

Theme Night: Trivia Night

10.18.19 starting at 9pm

Theme Night: A Night of Raising Hell

10.19.19 starting at 10pm

Theme Night: 80s Slasher

10.25.19 starting at 10pm

Theme Night: Vampires of New York

10.26.19 starting at 10pm

Theme Night: Zombie Prom

11.01.19 starting at 10pm

Exhibition Closing


About The Artist

Robert J. Frankenberg

Robert Frankenberg has been at the front of the Haunted Attraction and Entertainment Industry for over a decade. He has developed and produced shows for some of the biggest names in the Horror Industry and has been a professional haunter himself for over 15 years. With over 75 Productions under his belt and numerous appearances in Newsday and Television he is bringing his signature style of Horror to the Spotlight in an all new immersive experience.