Inner Alchemy by The Art Alchemist

9/6/19 – 9/22/19

Alchemy (noun)
al·che·my | \ ˈal-kə-mē
: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

Inner Alchemy by The Art Alchemist (Elijah Minton), illustrates transformation in a multitude of ways. By using an explosion of color and dramatic forms, the paintings express movement in our ever-changing environment. In the purest sense of transformation, patrons will view, live and up close, how an artist transforms a blank wall into a complete work of art. The final mural will reveal with a powerful impact, our reality, as technology and nature battle in an evolving society.

Exhibition Opening

09.06.19 – 6:30pm

Live Mural Painting

09.06.19 – starting at 6:30pm 
09.07.19 – starting at 7:00pm
09.12.19 – starting at 7:00pm
09.13.19 – starting at 7:00pm
09.14.19 – starting at 7:00pm

Exhibition Closing


About the Artist

Elijah Minton aka The Art Alchemist is a 28-year-old painter whose unmistakably unique work and strikingly original concepts are laced with expressions of what he calls internal alchemy. The alchemists of ancient times followed a tradition which aimed to purify, mature, and perfect their souls. While Elijah is known for his vibrant murals, behind the scenes he has privately undergone his own process of internal alchemy. After two years of working as a traveling muralist, he has returned to painting on canvas to display his mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution as a way to aid viewers who feel a connection to his work.

Elijah’s style of painting is a combination of techniques and mediums that he has taught himself to use while creating murals. His work is often compared to surrealist painters like Salvador Dali. An ability to tell stories through his subconscious mind helps Elijah create work that can appear to distort reality. From each twisted perspective, the viewer gets a glimpse into the Alchemists experience of purifying and maturing himself through art. His intent is to shift the perspective of the viewer in a way that stimulates thought and emotion while also challenging the eye with optical illusions.

In 2014, Elijah was unaware of the depth of his artistic abilities and led what most would consider being an average life. Everything changed when he one day felt a pop in his forehead and began to see color with more vibrancy. This experience ultimately led to his decision to drop out of college in his senior year and quit his job as a pharmaceutical rep to pursue a career as a freelance artist. The death of his close friend inspired him to start acrylic painting and since then he has been sought out for private commissions and murals.

It is easy to forget that Elijah is quite new to the art world, however, the fact that he has accomplished so much in such a short time span is a sure sign that his impact in the art world will be greater than even he can imagine.