Suburbia by Erick O. Segura

9/26/19 – 10/6/19

This show is dedicated to the beauty that I was surrounded by from a young age. Growing up in a place like Long Island has always been a unique experience where I am able to create in isolation and explore abstract ideas freely in all mediums of the art world. For me, this is the only place where an original collection such as Suburbia is able to grow from.

Exhibition Opening

09.26.19 – starting at 6:30pm

Live Painting

09.27.19 – starting at 8:00pm
09.28.19 starting at 8:00pm
10.03.19 starting at 8:00pm
10.04.19 – starting at 8:00pm
10.05.19 starting at 8:00pm

Huntington Art Walk

Live Painting

10.06.19 starting at 12:00pm

About the Artist

Erick O. Segura
Shirley, New York

Erick Segura places importance on efficiently translating the energy and thoughts that go into creating his abstract works of art for his viewers. By studying the works of great artists such as Cy Twombly, Alexander McQueen, and Jackson Pollock to name a few, the layers upon layers of gestures in Erick’s work using non-conventional tools for application and movement through the use of calm and subtle color palettes forces us to search for our own meanings within each individual painting.

Currently working under his brand name Wistful Heart Studios™, this platform was created by Erick Segura in March of 2017 to serve as a creative art house where his range of artistic disciplines may be freely explored and converge to make quality products in the areas of fine art and clothing construction. Wistful Heart’s first official collection titled Suburbia will be released this upcoming September 2019.